Jenny Bradley – Living With Breast Cancer & Thriving

Is it possible to LIVE with cancer?  The answer is YES!

Today’s podcast guest is Jenny Bradley, and she has been living and thriving with cancer for quite a number of years.  Proving that cancer does not have to be a “life sentence”.  She’s living her best life giving back to other cancer patients and proving that life does go on even after a diagnosis.

In her own words:  “I’ve been living with cancer for at least 7 years.  I was diagnosed 5 years ago, and misdiagnosed for 2 years before that.  But that bump didn’t get there overnight.  So I’ve probably been LIVING with cancer for a decade or so.”

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Here’s a great share too from our friend Dr. Tims on the top 5 things a cancer patient can do now to help themselves!

1️⃣ Get SUNLIGHT. This might seem counterintuitive, but the key here is to be wise. This is NOT about spending hours in the sun and burning. This IS about getting 🆓 SUNLIGHT ☀️ on your eyeballs 👀 to help REGULATE your CIRCADIAN RHYTHM, improving your SLEEP and getting SUNLIGHT ☀️ on your SKIN to support your MITOCHONDRIAL function (the powerhouse of the cells). There are apps you can use to help you know how long to be in the sun & when to cover up.

2️⃣ SLEEP is a critical part of healing. Give yourself an environment that promotes GOOD SLEEP by making your 🛌❄️ bedroom COOLER temp at night, DARKER to not let light be fooling your body that it should be awake, and REDUCING STRESS STIMULATING factors like watching tv/movies 🚫📺 in bed that put your body in fight, flight, fawn, or freeze mode stirring up your stress hormones. Reducing electronics 📱🤳🏻, EMFs, and WiFi around your bedroom can also be beneficial for better sleep.

3️⃣ EAT MORE FRUITS & VEGGIES! 🥗 Your immune cells need good fuel to function well. NOURISH your body well with the good ANTI-INFLAMMATORY, ANTICANCER, GUT HEALTH supportive nutrients found in 🥦🍎🫐🥕🥬🥥🧅🧄 fruits & veggies!

4️⃣ MEDITATE or PRAY 🙏🏼 There’s more to a cancer journey than just the physical body. Tending to the MIND & SPIRIT is just as important, maybe more, as treating the body. Practicing re-orienting 🤍 one’s-self throughout the day can have helpful impact, especially when dealing with the stressors of LIVING with cancer.

5️⃣ Get the TOXIC CHEMICALS OUT of your HOME! If you haven’t been ditching the toxic chemicals and switching to healthier options, NOW IS THE ⏰ TIME. Start with the things that go ON or IN YOUR BODY EVERYDAY. Daily EXPOSURE 🔁 to endocrine disruptors and carcinogens IS harmful and NOT HELPFUL FOR HEALING.

*consult your own practitioner*

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