Patient Testimonials

Every patient that requested aid this past year, thanks to our donors, received it. Some of these patients wanted to share with you personally how your donations have helped them. Thank you for believing big with us!

Slide Dr. Kelly Turner "What impresses me most about Believe Big is the way in which they are actively trying to build bridges between the complementary and conventional worlds of cancer treatment. While it's important to believe in your mission, it's equally important to carry out that mission with respect, professionalism, and a willingness to listen. In a world where cancer organizations are too often shouting at each other from opposites sides of a fence, Believe Big has taken the higher route by crossing over that fence and asking others to collaborate on a shared goal. I am eagerly awaiting the results of their mistletoe clinical trial, which I believe will have a tremendous impact on cancer treatment." Author of the New York Time best seller, Radical Remission Slide Esophageal Cancer Overcomer "I am thankful for the tools and resources Believe Big equipped me with during my battle with cancer that helped me overcome two different cancers within a two year period." Jason W. Slide Melanoma Overcomer “Although there are no guarantee’s to what this life will hold, just know that when you have an organization like Believe Big on your side, there is much hope and you never have to walk the path of cancer alone.” Joanna D. Slide Professor of Oncology & Senior Researcher "...I can tell you, when there is a publication coming out of Johns Hopkins saying that it (mistletoe) is safe, the United States will listen, and it will be because of Believe Big and their network." Dr. Luis Diaz, M.D., Head, Solid Tumor Oncology Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Slide Stage IV Lymphoma Overcomer "I am thankful for Believe Big because when I was diagnosed, I knew what to do. I began mistletoe therapy and a plant based diet one month before my chemotherapy treatments. I was told that the chemotherapy would make me feel sick, really tired, and that the effects would be cumulative. After twelve rounds, I never felt nauseous or fatigued." Laurie Seidman