At Believe Big, we are celebrating 100 years of mistletoe therapy for cancer treatment! Help us “Kiss Cancer Goodbye” registering below for the first ever mistletoe livestream event. Join us for an evening of inspiration, education, and celebration that will include many surprise guests!

One Word creates clarity, power, passion and life-change. The simple power of One Word is that it impacts all six dimensions of your life – mental, physical, emotional, relational, spiritual, and financial. Simply put, One Word sticks. There is a word meant for you and when you find it, live it, and share it, your life will become more rewarding and exciting than ever. Enjoy this webinar lead by Jimmy Page and discover your one word today!

Jimmy Page – www.jimmypage.us

An educational webinar discussing mistletoe therapy for treating cancer. During this webinar you will learn all about mistletoe therapy, the clinical trail and what one could expect with this treatment. Dr. Nasha is on a mission to educate and empower the nearly fifty percent of the population expected to have cancer in their lifetime. Prevention is the only cure.

Dr. Nasha Winter – www.drnasha.com

Providing a fresh vision of what a flourishing life is, Susie shares practical, biblical ways to
· replace defeating thoughts with redemptive ones
· overcome stress and embrace God’s peace
· deal with the “I can’ts” embedded in our souls
· trade unhealthy habits for new life-giving practices

We cannot keep ignoring the mental and/or emotional symptoms that are trying to get our attention. Fully Alive is an uplifting guide for anyone who longs to know the health, freedom, and wholeness that Jesus wants for us.

Susie Larson – www.susielarson.com

In this educational webinar we will be talking to CBD expert Steve Ottersberg, MS (ABD) Bio-Organic Chemistry.
What will be covered in this webinar?

– The benefits of CBD when fighting cancer
– The common misconceptions
– CBD vs. THC
– Case studies
– Human genetics and individual response to cannabis

Steve Ottersberg – www.believebig.org/cbd

Did you know that over 80,000 chemicals have been introduced into commerce since World War II and over 90% of them have NO safety data on human health? Did you know that by the time a baby is born their umbilical cord can have traces of over 200 chemicals? Did you know that the air inside your home can be 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air outside? In this free webinar, Ivelisse Page will be speaking with special guests Barri Spitzer and Holly Boyer on:

– Simple ways to remove toxic products from your skincare routine and cleaning products.
– Cost effective replacement products.
– Tips on how NOT to be fooled by product labels.

GUEST SPEAKERS: Barri Spitzer – Beautycounter and Holly Boyer – Registered Nurse at Alaska Native Medical Center

Resource links:
– Believe Big Helpful Resources PDF
– Cleaning with Essential Oils
– The Beautycounter Never List
– Ivelisse’s Favorite Products

In this webinar with talk our friend Jess Kelley of Remission Nutrition. We will discuss therapeutic nutrition for the prevention and management of cancer.  Jess is a Master Nutrition Therapist, Oncology Nutrition Consultant, teacher, writer, and nutrition education program developer. An Oncology Nutrition Consultant for over a decade, Jess has extensive experience working with cancer and chronic illness clients from around the globe. She is also the co-author of two books, The Metabolic Approach to Cancer: Integrating Deep Nutrition, the Ketogenic Diet, and Nontoxic Bio-Individualized Therapies (Chelsea Green Publishing, May 2017) and Bioregulatory Medicine: An Innovative Holistic Approach to Self-Healing (Chelsea Green Publishing, November 2018).

Intermittent Fasting During Chemotherapy
Research on The Importance of Nutrition for Cancer
Recipes to Try