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Why Sustainable Farming Is Important Today!

Farmer Lee Jones & Dr. Amy Sapola – Why Sustainable Farming Is Important Today! How often do you consider the produce you purchase […]

Jenny Bradley – Living With Breast Cancer & Thriving

Is it possible to LIVE with cancer?  The answer is YES! Today’s podcast guest is Jenny Bradley, and she has been living and […]

39-Susie Larson: Her Personal Healing Journey (part 2)

  This is the second of two episodes with my dear friend, Susie Larson. Today, Susie talks about her own personal health challenges.  […]

Be Personally Involved & Proactive

We are grateful for the men and women who serve in our conventional medical system. When it comes to your health, it’s important […]

Coffee where? 😀Here’s the scoop on Coffee enemas…

For many of us, our morning “cup of joe” is non-negotiable. Did you know that coffee also has a slightly more unconventional use? […]

I Have Cancer, Now What?

Here’s a “Sneak Peak” to our NEW video series for patients that will officially be released January 1, 2023. We wanted to make sure […]