Gratitude is Good for Us!


It’s good for our bodies, our minds and our relationships.  It changes the way we interact and react in our daily lives. Gratitude changes how our immune systems and our  bodies respond to positive and negative events.  Gratitude changes the way we look externally and internally.  It’s a Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual exercise.
In this study by Robert Emmons, the world’s leading scientific expert on gratitude
Gratitude journals and other gratitude practices often seem so simple and basic; in our studies, we often have people keep gratitude journals for just three weeks. And yet the results have been overwhelming. We’ve studied more than one thousand people, from ages eight to 80, and found that people who practice gratitude consistently report a host of benefits:
  • Stronger immune systems
  • Less bothered by aches and pains
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Exercise more and take better care of their health
  • Sleep longer and feel more refreshed upon waking
  • Higher levels of positive emotions
  • More alert, alive, and awake
  • More joy and pleasure
  • More optimism and happiness
  • More helpful, generous, and compassionate
  • More forgiving
  • More outgoing
  • Feel less lonely and isolated.


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