Cancer Hates Tea

Harnessing the power of nature through tea.

Stacy Fritz, Believe Big Patient Advocate + Paula Weinberg, JD, CNS, LDN, ONC

Tea has several health benefits, including preventing cancer, improving vascular function, reducing cholesterol levels, preventing atherosclerosis, aiding healthy weight management, boosting metabolic rate, inhibiting fat formation, suppressing appetite, and providing benefits before exercising. Cancer cells do not know when to die, while healthy cells do, and tea supports cell death in cancer cells. There are technically only four types of tea, all from the same camellia sinensis plant: white, green, oolong, and black tea.
They differ in processing methods, and black tea is made from fully oxidized crushed tea leaves, resulting in a rich, dark flavor. Poo Air tea is fully oxidized and aged, with an earthy flavor that is not for everyone. Green tea is particularly beneficial for preventing cancer, and its benefits are demonstrated in detail in the book “Cancer Hates Tea.”
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