Breathing for Life: The Oxygen Mask Principle and a Revolutionary Product

Losing a loved one, especially someone as passionate as a pilot, can profoundly shape one’s perspective on life. In this recent Food for Thought Nutrition Webinar, Stacy Fritz shared personal insights inspired by her brother’s journey as a Southwest pilot and his battle with illness.

The focus of this webinar is on the Oxygen Mask Principle and the importance of self-care, leading to the development of a unique product. Watch the webinar below.


The Oxygen Mask Principle:

  • Self-care as a Priority: The speaker emphasized that self-care is not selfish but a priority. Without taking care of ourselves, we cannot effectively support others.
  • Cancer Journey Analogy: Drawing parallels to the oxygen mask on a plane, the speaker highlighted the importance of temporarily tapping out of the chaos of a cancer journey to rejuvenate.


The Importance of Self-Care During a Cancer Journey:

  • Overwhelm and Information Bombardment: Acknowledging the overwhelming nature of a cancer diagnosis, the speaker stressed the need for both patients and caregivers to don their own oxygen masks, finding moments of balance.
  • Wine Breath Relaxation Technique: Introducing a practical relaxation technique, the speaker encouraged taking a break, using the “wine breath” for rejuvenation.


The Journey of Healing Through Breath:

Healing Without Reliance on Painkillers: The speaker shared her brother’s determination to heal without heavy reliance on painkillers, driven by his passion for flying. The Challenge of Teaching Breath Techniques: Describing the difficulty of teaching breath techniques to a stressed individual, especially one not accustomed to such practices.


The Birth of a Revolutionary Product:

  • A Dream-Inspired Solution: Before her brother’s passing, the speaker had a dream that led to a revolutionary idea for a product that would teach breath techniques with visual and kinesthetic cues.
  • Introducing the VitaBall: The product, called the VitaBall, is a handheld device designed to aid in breath techniques. It features five different breath techniques, each represented by a color, and utilizes light and vibration for a more immersive experience.


The VitaBall:

  • A Tribute to Love and Breath: Unique Features: The VitaBall, set to launch in January 2024, offers a tactile and visual experience. The user-friendly device includes buttons for various breath techniques, accompanied by vibrant lights and vibrations.
  • Giving Back: A portion of the proceeds from the VitaBall’s sale will go to Believe Big, tying the product back to a cause and honoring the speaker’s brother.


This webinar not only touched on the importance of self-care and the Oxygen Mask Principle but also unveiled an innovative product, the VitaBall. Inspired by Stacy Fritz’s deep love for her brother and a commitment to breath-based healing, the speaker invites viewers to explore a new way to nurture their well-being.



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