Unveiling the Secrets of Natural Healing: A Conversation with Edna and Cait Wilson – Tissue Regenerative Therapy

Welcome to a transformative journey in this podcast episode with Edna and Cait Wilson, the dynamic duo behind In Light Hyperbaric. These health warriors are on a mission to guide individuals towards reclaiming their health and vitality, especially after enduring the harsh effects of cancer treatment. In this engaging podcast, they share their insights on natural healing methods that can empower your body without relying on medication.


  1. Fasting: A Game-Changer for Health
    Edna Ness, co-owner of In Light Hyperbaric, emphasizes the power of fasting as a recent addition to her arsenal of health tips. Discover how incorporating fasting into your routine can be a game-changer for your overall well-being.
  2. Grounding: Connecting with the Earth’s Energy
    Caitlin Wilson reveals her recent health tip: grounding. Explore the simple yet profound practice of connecting with the Earth, putting your feet in the dirt, and embracing the benefits of earthing.
  3. The Wilsons’ Personal Journey through Cancer
    Edna Ness opens up about her husband’s intense battle with stage four tongue cancer and how their holistic approach, including hyperbaric therapy, played a crucial role in his recovery. Their story is a testament to the power of combining natural treatments with traditional methods.
  4. Tissue Regenerative Therapy (TRT): An Extraordinary Tool
    Edna delves into the wonders of TRT, a low-level lithotripsy that uses acoustical shockwaves to break up fascia, scar tissue, and calcification. Discover how this extraordinary tool can bring immediate relief and promote long-term healing.
  5. Healing Neuropathy Naturally
    Learn how the combination of TRT, light therapy, and hyperbarics can not only relieve neuropathy symptoms but also stimulate the body’s ability to rebuild blood vessels and nerve endings.
  6. Hyperbarics: Oxygenating the Brain for Migraine Relief
    Edna shares her personal experience of overcoming decades-long migraines through hyperbaric therapy. Explore how increasing oxygen to the brain can significantly reduce inflammation and pave the way for healing.

Supporting natural healing in their mission to transform lives, Edna and Cait invite you to explore the world of natural healing. They emphasize the importance of individualized care and integrating various therapies into a holistic approach for optimal health.


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