Believe Big Story Hope – Jeff Charles

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My name is Jeff Charles, and I am a two-time cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in 2012. I was 60 years old and in outstanding physical condition, which is a big reason why I am here today. I was in remission for 20 months and naively thought I had whipped cancer. Not so fast my friend. In February of 2016 another tumor was discovered in my left lung, and I had surgery where they removed half my lung. I had the same oncologist from day one and became increasingly frustrated while under his care. After three lung surgeries to remove four tumors I asked him, “Where do you think we are, moving forward?” His response was a shrug of the shoulders and, “You’ll just continue to get more tumors.” That was my light bulb moment. I said, “There has to be a better way!”

I searched the internet for a natural approach to cancer and found Believe Big. I called and they directed me to the resources I needed. I received IV mistletoe, injections of mistletoe, and radically changed my diet. The great news is that no new tumors have appeared since changing my protocol and I am completely cancer free.

I am now on a mission to help Believe Big Spread the word about about a combined approach of complementary and traditional care to cancer treatment. I am thankful to have a job as a sportscaster that enables me to do so. You want to beat cancer? Be smart, be tough, your attitude is incredibly important. As crazy as it sounds, cancer has been a blessing. Through having cancer, I have become a better husband, father, coworker, and just an overall better person. In a strange way it also gave me confidence. It’s like, “This is about as tough as it gets. I’ve come through this and I can handle anything and WIN! I am forever grateful to Believe Big.