Unveiling the Power of Integrative Healing: A Journey of Hope and Discovery

In the realm of health and wellness, the quest for effective strategies often leads individuals down various paths, each marked by its own set of challenges and triumphs.

Among these journeys, the story of Jon Hegarty and his brother Christian stands out as a beacon of hope and resilience in the face of adversity. Through their exploration of integrative healing modalities, they uncovered a wealth of knowledge and experiences that reshaped their approach to combating cancer.

The tale begins with Christian’s diagnosis of stage 4 osteosarcoma in 2013, a formidable adversary that tested the resolve of the entire family. Initially confronted with conventional treatment options, including chemotherapy, they embarked on a journey that would ultimately transcend the boundaries of traditional medicine

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Central to their quest was the adoption of holistic practices, guided by a steadfast belief in the body’s innate ability to heal. Jon shares his excitement for “sleeping grounded,” highlighting the benefits of connecting with the Earth’s electrons through grounding sheets and pillowcases. This simple yet profound practice offered a convenient way to harness the healing power of nature during the crucial hours of sleep.

As their journey unfolded, Jon and Christian delved deeper into the world of integrative healing, navigating roadblocks and challenges along the way. From the logistical hurdles of coordinating multiple appointments to the financial considerations of investing in supplements and alternative therapies, they encountered obstacles that tested their resolve.

Amidst the uncertainty, a beacon of hope emerged in the form of mistletoe therapy, a lesser-known treatment that showed promise in combating osteosarcoma. Encouraged by studies showcasing its efficacy, they embraced this holistic approach with a sense of conviction and determination.

Reflecting on their journey, Jon identifies three key modalities that played a pivotal role in Christian’s healing process: high-dose vitamin C, mistletoe therapy, and a nuanced approach to copper level regulation. These interventions, coupled with lifestyle modifications and a mindset of unwavering determination, contributed to Christian’s journey towards remission.

Beyond the realm of physical healing, Jon emphasizes the importance of addressing the emotional and spiritual dimensions of the cancer journey. Faced with fear and uncertainty, they found solace in faith, trust, and the support of a dedicated community. Through initiatives like Going Well, they seek to inspire and uplift others facing similar challenges, offering personalized messages of hope and encouragement.

Looking ahead, Jon envisions a future where integrative healing is embraced from the outset, empowering patients to explore holistic modalities alongside conventional treatments. With each step forward, they strive to bridge the gap between mainstream medicine and alternative therapies, fostering a culture of collaboration and empowerment.

As Jon’s narrative draws to a close, his words resonate with a message of empowerment and resilience. To those embarking on their own cancer journey, he offers a simple yet profound piece of advice: trust your gut, listen to your inner voice, and embrace the path that resonates most deeply with your being. In the pursuit of healing, it is this unwavering sense of conviction that serves as a guiding light, illuminating the way forward amidst life’s greatest challenges.

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Story of Hope – Kevin Forsyth – Stage 4 Colon Cancer


What’s your name, where do you live, and what do you do for a living?

My name is Kevin Forsyth, and I am 65 years old last month. I have an amazing wife of 37 years – and the love of my life – Sandie Brown Forsyth, and 2 son’s – Josh who is 37, Ben who is 33 and his new wife Une. I also have an adopted son – Birama Konate who is 33 with his wife Fatima, and their 3 sons Dauda, Mamadou, and Baah who live in Philadelphia. Then there is the rest of the family our dog Bo, and his little buddies, Tumbleweed, Summer, Bruce, and Tigger.

I live in Birmingham, Alabama. We have a family business since 1995. Forsyth Consulting provides Licensed and proprietary background music services for business. We also provide acoustic analysis, along with audio and video systems for business.

Describe how you discovered your illness?

This is an interesting story. I had my first colonoscopy in January of 2014 at the age of 57. It was clear and no polyps. I was healthy, exercised, and no family history. About 7 months later, I started having some pain in my stomach and went to see my regular physician. We tried some things that conventional medicine would typically do, and none of it worked. He then referred me to another Gastro who then performed an Endoscopy that was clean, and a subsequent colonoscopy in which they found a 5cm tumor on my colon at the Secum. I was shocked after having a clear colonoscopy a year earlier. I took the pictures and report to my original Gastro doctor and compared images side by side. He was just as surprised as I was. It was night and day. It was apparently very aggressive and did not start as a polyp. 9 days later, I had a Colectomy whereby they removed 10” or large and 2” of small intestine, and put it back together. During this surgery they removed approximately 27 lymph nodes around the colon, and determined that 3 had been invaded by the cancer indicating a Stage 3 diagnosis. He then recommended conventional treatment of Folfox 6 chemotherapy. I started 6 infusion sessions – 1 every 2 weeks. What the Oncologist said in our first meeting really blew us away. She said, “ I want you to get a PET Scan – I am worried about your liver.”  Sandie and I looked at each other in disbelief. Liver? What about the liver? She told us I had tumors in my liver of which we were completely unaware. Then she told us that I had a 5% chance of survival. That was the lowest point for us.

From that point forward I requested copies of all my radiology reports and pathology reports. The liver tumors were clearly shown on my radiology report. Then we went through the stages of disbelief, sadness, and anger, then focused on healing. All I could think of is what would happen to our family business, my wife, my sons, and our future. I wanted to heal and give it my best effort. My youngest son came back from Seoul South Korea to help in the business. Sandie started looking at studies and information on Mistletoe Therapy from Switzerland that my oldest son sent to her. This eventually led her to Believe Big . The chemo was brutal and by the 5th treatment I had what I thought were 3 heart attacks in one day. They literally knocked me to my knees. I went back in to see the Oncologist and she wanted to continue with treatments saying “Mr. Forsyth – I am just trying to save your life.” I looked at Sandie and with her encouragement and study of the videos and information I made the decision to terminate my Oncologist opting instead of finding an Integrative Oncologist who would work with my Naturopath.

The good news is the tumors did shrink in my liver after the first 5 rounds of Folfox 6 and Naturopathic remedies enough for another Surgical Oncologist at UAB to perform a Microwave needle ablation on two tumors in my liver. We chose this option versus a 50% liver resection. The surgery appeared successful. Through gene testing, my new Integrative Oncologist determined that I had a slight defect in a gene that made one of the drugs in Folfox 6 particularly damaging, but effective. He changed up the cocktail and I started another round of 6 treatments that were not quite as bad. I completed 3 and let my integrative oncologist know that due to how well my CEA markers, Full Terrain tests and clear scans, I would no longer take any more chemo. He then had to fire me, but that was understandable.

12 months after my second surgery one of the two spots on my liver came back. This was disappointing, and then had to undergo a one third liver resection removing the small lobe of my liver. That was the tough surgical recovery. My Naturopath was providing tele medicine conference calls with me at least once per month after Full Terrain testing that also included dietary recommendation, fasting recommendations, exercise, and supplements along with Mistletoe Therapy of which I continue to do today now 5 years clear since my last surgery in November of 2016.

One of my surgeons calls me his Unicorn. Both send newly diagnosed cancer patients to me who are interested in hearing about my journey.


When and how did you discover Believe Big?

During my first surgery, my oldest son Josh sent my wife – Sandie a link saying Read Swiss Mistletoe Study. Sandie subsequently discovered Believe Big when studying Mistletoe therapy for cancer patients on their website. I also studied their website and watched their videos and testimonials. I was very inspired by Ivelisse’s journey since she had the same cancer and issues I had, and it provided so much hope. Believe Big is a wonderful resource for newly diagnosed cancer patients and their families.


What Integrative Therapies did you adopt and how did they improve your condition?

My Naturopath at Namaste Health Center ordered plasma testing for me from Biofocus in Germany to test 4 types of Mistletoe Therapies and Thymus to see which ones had the strongest NK killer cell response. My native kill rate at that point was only 8% and a normal healthy person is 23% and up. This test came back indicating that Abnoba Fraxini had a 22% plus response and Thymus extract had a 19% plus impact. I chose to proceed with those two therapies as a result. I started subcutaneous injections every other day for the next 4 years. We continued performing Full Terrain Testing on my plasma looking at over 50 markers of internal inflammation of which we did once every 90 days to catch “ The Embers before the Fire”. Her resulting report post a telemedicine call provided a supplement regimen, recommendations for fasting, and dietary recommendations and recipes for the foods that would help build my immune system involving a Mediterranean / Ketogenic approach to eating. This along with intermittent fasting and exercise worked. In retrospect I believe that my out-of-control cancerous growth was primarily aggravated by Stress and my Integrative Oncologist is a big fan of Yoga and Meditation. This should have also been something I was doing prior to being diagnosed, but I had no idea the stress was getting to me.

What is your diagnosis today?

The American Medical world says that today I am cancer free, but I learned so much during this journey about cancer. I discovered you have cancerous cells in you from the time you are born. Your immune system keeps these in check. Once your immune system breaks down, this is when out of control cancerous activity starts. The key to good health is a strong immune system.

We also know the way to a strong and effective immune system consists of eliminating sugar from your diet, Ketogenic / Mediterranean eating with clean natural foods, intermittent or regular fasting, and exercise along with a good supplement regimen makes this happen. Had known 20 years ago what I know today, what would I have done differently that might have prevented my out-of-control cancerous activity? Most of us particularly men don’t wrestle with these truths until something happens like cancer, then we adjust if we are knowledgeable enough and understand the truth of our immune system.

How has your experience with Believe Big changed your life?

What Believe Big provides is that when you are diagnosed with Cancer, you have a place you can go to learn and begin your journey relating to Naturopathic approaches to healing. Their focus on Mistletoe Therapy is very important. Their introduction to Quality naturopaths around the Country is a great resource particularly since these physicians are trained in Mistletoe Therapy among the other techniques for healing and good health. I have sent dozens of newly diagnosed cancer patients and lots of other folks to Believe Big. I believe in their mission, and we support them as they have initiated the Johns Hopkins FDA Mistletoe trials, and the New Wellness Center planned for Colorado. It will be amazing that one day you can go to a single place helping you make decisions regarding your own health.

If you could do anything differently about your cancer experience, what would that be?

First a foremost it is imperative that all newly diagnosed cancer patients need to implement these Naturopathic paradigms right away for the best chance of success. Waiting until you are well into conventional medical therapies reduces your chances of success. It’s so easy to change your health paradigm with things like eliminating all sugar from your diet. Mediterranean / Ketogenic eating with clean foods. Intermittent fasting daily, and exercise. Don’t wait. Start right away.

Additionally, you don’t have to rush into medical treatments while you are still in shock from your diagnosis. There is more than one way to heal. Take a deep breath, do some research, and make good decisions with informed consent. Read your radiology reports and pathology reports. Make sure you understand them. Ask you doctors to explain all of it while you are in their office and show you scans slice by slice, so you have a clear understanding of where you are at. You will find that not all radiologists, doctors, and physicians agree on what they are seeing and the best approach to heal. Get second opinions and find a competent Naturopath. Both the Doctors and Naturopaths need to collaborate with you, your family, and each other. If you find one that is not cooperating, stop and find another one that suits your needs. Healing is a collaboration. Not a doctor telling you what to do, and you only doing what they ask. Men especially – don’t be stubborn.

How did living in an area with limited access to integrative therapies and Naturopaths impact you? How did you overcome it?

Believe Big’s resources for Naturopaths was the key. Additionally, my Naturopath being able to do remote telemedicine was huge. I could not take off for weeks from our business to be in a clinic, and could not travel once a month to Durango, Colorado. The past several years – remote telemedicine has become a lot more common. If your doctor’s will cooperate with your Naturopath on blood draws in addition to the ones, they need – it’s a win win. You can also go to local entities like Lab Corp to get your blood drawn and they will accept your Naturopath’s scrip. Be extremely positive, pray for peace and healing, and Thank God every day of your life and for the amazing support your family can provide you during this difficult journey.

How has overcoming cancer changed your life? What are your new life goals?

I fully recognize God’s gift of life and the amazing creation of the human body and its ability to heal. To love and appreciate my wife who has been the key to my survival of this ordeal. And to give back by sharing the good news with others dealing with the same issues. May God Bless Believe Big and its mission on earth, and Thank You Lord for our ability to learn and understand your great creation.


Watch Kevin’s full story here:




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“Mighty Micah” Beats Stage IV Cancer! Watch his amazing story!

For years now, Believe Big has been spreading the word about integrative therapies for cancer. Every day, we hear more positive outcomes– like six-year-old Micah’s.

Micah’s oncologist put it best: “This is a first for us. He’s doing better than we’ve ever seen.” And your gifts helped make Micah’s miracle possible.
Thanks to you, Micah received the integrative therapies that helped him overcome a rare Stage IV cancer called ACC. Overcoming ACC is even more amazing when you realize that most children don’t even make it through the harsh treatment, let alone beat the disease.
Now I’m hoping we can count on you again because I have some exciting news.
Believe Big has been offered a $100,000 challenge grant. But, we’ll only receive the money if we reach our goal of raising $300,000 by the end of the year.
Can you imagine how much more we could do for our patients with another $100,000? But we’ll need everyone’s help to get there. That’s why I’m asking if you’ll become one of our Hope Givers. You can provide vital support by:
  • Making a one-time donation by December 31st
  • Becoming one of our Monthly Partners
  • Becoming a Family or Corporate Partner
  • Participating in your employer’s Matching Gift Program
  • Sharing Micah’s video story with 10 friends via text or email.
You have certainly come through for us before. When the pandemic threatened to halt some of our essential programs, we found new ways to deliver them, thanks to your help. We were even able to offer new services like our virtual support group!
If you’re wondering whether your gift will make a difference, look no further than by watching Micah’s story (or Mighty Micah, as we call him). Then consider how many more people we could help if we receive that challenge grant.
I thank you for whatever gift you can make and for helping us change the way Americans think about cancer.
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PS: Please consider forwarding this webpage url or texting the video link to TEN people you know.


“Mighty Micah” Beats Stage IV Cancer! Watch his amazing story!

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Meet Sonia Davis

I’m Sonia Davis. I’m 48, married to an incredible guy and have 2 beautiful children. In May of 2018 I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer (MBC) after having a clear 3D mammogram just 2 months prior. My Mom had died of ovarian cancer and because of this, I did a blood test (CA125) and pelvic ultrasound yearly. My blood test came back elevated and with my Mom’s history, it was determined that a full hysterectomy would hopefully prevent me from getting ovarian cancer. As it turned out, the pathology report stated that breast cancer cells were found in both ovaries, not ovarian. A PET/CT revealed that it had gone to both breasts, my pelvis, spine, ribs and adrenal glands. Talk about a shocker!!! I had stage IV cancer and felt fine.
A dear friend encouraged me to reach out to Believe Big! Ivelisse and her staff have been so supportive and informative. I really don’t think I would be alive today had it not been for their advice! I was awarded a grant that allowed me to go to Boulder, CO and meet with an integrative oncologist, Dr. Kirsten West. I received IV mistletoe, as well as subcutaneous mistletoe, and IV Vitamin C. The supplements and diet changes have allowed me to be a Mom and feel good despite 2.5 years of battling this disease. People can’t even believe I have cancer!!
I have a very restrictive diet (no gluten, no refined sugar, no dairy), but I feel better than I’ve felt in years!  I continue to do subcutaneous mistletoe and IV Vitamin C. This year I went to California after my cancer had progressed again.  I received hyperthermia treatment 6 days a week for 6 weeks to my liver and areas on my spine.  HCI (Hyperthermia Cancer Institute) was incredible.  I had caring nurses and doctors who would heat up those areas to 109 degrees.  I received chemotherapy while I was out there as well as hyperbaric oxygen.  I have had 2 great scans since!  Hallelujah! If you have been diagnosed, recently or otherwise, I would encourage you to reach out to Believe Big.  They will give you the tools you need to thrive in the face of cancer.  When I first heard of Believe Big, I thought it was a unique name and I really didn’t “get it” until I spoke with Ivelisse.  God created our body and mind to heal.  This can be through many means.  Believe that God CAN overcome any obstacle…even stage IV cancer…in the face of fear and death.  I have read the “I will have no fear” insert countless times over the years that was given to me the first day that I reached out to Believe Big.  Fear is the biggest weapon that is used against us.  This journey is very mental.  God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind. Everyone knows someone with cancer.  I encourage you to get involved with Believe Big today!  Your support will help so many thrive in the face of cancer!
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Micah’s Inspirational Story

In December of 2019, Micah was diagnosed with stage four adrenal cortical carcinoma, a very rare and aggressive cancer. It’s not typically seen in children.

In the beginning without a diagnosis our surgeon felt it was important to remove it. We agreed. After an intense surgery, and waiting two weeks for results from multiple hospitals we received his shocking-diagnosis. My first response was “God, as long as I can hear you and know You are with me, I know I can do this.”

He started long inpatient chemo treatments in Tampa, but within two treatments God was clear that we would be selling our property, and relocating our family of 9 to Collierville, TN to be close to St. Jude, where there were research doctors who had successfully treated ACC a few times.

Micah’s healing is a full spectrum approach. The harsh protocol was important to eradicate the cancer but he needed support to empower him through it. He had a Gtube placed. We fed him liquid hope, breast milk, bone broth, yoursuper mixes and supplements that I felt his body needed. I would have dreams about foods his body required at different times. God had connected us deeply. Others would have dreams for him too. For example, I felt he needed lemon juice and someone had a dream I was feeding him organic lemons! I was reading books about cancer diets, having dreams about what he needed, and the labs would show we were right on. It was very surreal.

I read a few books that changed the way I saw cancer and I realized his entire body and spirit needed to be supported. We weren’t fighting against his confused cells, we were focusing on healing them.  I used essential oils regularly, praying over his body each night to clear his energy from the trauma of the day, exercise, outside and laughter became part of Micah’s treatment plan. We were away from his siblings and Dad for over 120 days, and it was HARD, but we focused on singing and laughing as much as we could.

I looked into Intravenous Vitamin C and mistletoe but while on treatment at St. Jude they asked me to wait. During his last month he was so sick and on several anti nausea meds. We hired Dr. Dagmara Beine, from Zuza’s Way and she helped us dose his THC/CBD, and we worked with Rylie’s Smile from Delaware for better education about cannabis and children. His nausea stopped immediately!! He was able to stop the anti-nausea medicines that same week, during what is suppose to be the hardest last month on daily chemo.

We finished Micah’s treatment of IV chemo, and started the mistletoe and IVC. We work with Dr. Beine on a lifetime approach for Micah, because he has a TP53 gene mutation. It’s not a quick fix or a sprint,  it’s a life journey. The oncologists eradicate the cancer and then send patients home to a wait and see approach. For us that wasn’t an option. We have a full year schedule of healing for Micah and then there are things he’ll do forever to ensure health and wholeness.

Surprising the team each scan, Micah is NED. Before scans they warned us they didn’t think it would be good, but with each scan they came in with smiles and encouragement. They don’t necessarily want to hear in detail all we are doing integrativly and we differ in opinion in areas but we are learning to work together. My passion is to see the integrative and mainstream medical bridge together. It hasn’t been easy and I’ve had to strongly advocate for choices that I knew were the right ones. The bottom line is he is my child and everything I’m doing has low risk and has been proven to be effective in healing and supporting.

I receive a lot of messages from parents who have wanted to explore integrative care but they were told not to. They were told it doesn’t matter what their children eat. My advice to anyone who has a desire to do all you can for your child in regards to integrative care, is to hire an integrative doctor that works with pediatric oncology, find other parents and groups who are pioneering. Read all of the studies. Most importantly push fear aside and find your peace. Your knowingness that you’re doing what’s best for your child is key. Don’t be afraid to disagree with doctors. Oncologists are trained to eradicate the cancer, and that’s a huge part of it but not at all the only goal.

For a while I felt like a salmon swimming upstream (especially in the pediatric oncology world) and I noticed we weren’t alone. Having foundations like Believe Big empowered us to keep going, especially in Memphis where it’s very behind. We needed that community of encouragement and we feel God has been very intentional to give us all that we needed for Micah’s healing journey, and Believe Big was one of those gifts to us.


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Lori Falk, Stage 2 Breast Cancer Thriver!

September 2009 was a life changing month for me. I remember every detail like it was yesterday. It was the first day of school for our daughters and a day I always looked forward to hearing all about. Instead, I received a phone call from my surgeon asking for my husband, Donald, and I to come to her office. I knew why she wanted to see us. Quite honestly, I could not even bear the thought of driving over there. My biopsy results had come in. I did, in fact, have breast cancer –ugh! Since I already knew why she wanted to see us, I asked if we could please schedule for another day. I needed this day to cleave to my family and assemble my prayer warriors! For those of you who have experienced a cancer diagnosis for yourself or a loved one, you know that it is a crazy roller coaster ride. Thus, my ride began! Fortunately for me, I had been working with a functional medicine doctor from the day I first felt the lump. She was preparing my body for the worst while we were all prayerfully hoping for the best. To this day, I believe my positive outcome had much to do with this! What I was not prepared for, however, was all the crazy emotions I went through. I remember waking up each morning in a cold sweat, heart palpitations that mimicked a bad dream. I had always been a student of learning and I especially loved learning what functional/integrative/holistic doctors were doing to cure many health issues, including cancer. From there I established an army, and off we went to battle. I ordered a gazillion books on healing cancer naturally, pulled out years and years of newsletters I had saved and for an entire week my husband and I hunkered down to read anything that pertained to cancer. I finally felt prepared for the challenges ahead. I had a mastectomy later that month. From there we sought doctors and facilities to fit the model of healing I was seeking. I decided to forego chemotherapy and radiation. Instead, I embarked on an all-natural journey to healing. My routine consisted of MANY things such as high-dose Vitamin C infusions, diet change, lots of supplements and mistletoe treatment. I do want to add that my doctor was not a “mistletoe doctor” but had studied the amazing benefits of it. Ironically, the supplier of my mistletoe had stopped shipping their product and that is when God led me to Believe Big. I am so thankful for their support and guidance to point me in the right direction. I feel so blessed to have come across Believe Big, and truly believe they are game changers in the cancer arena. Oh, and by the way, could they not be any kinder? While they are doing amazing things in the field of cancer treatment, their work on the forefront with patients is unparalleled. Never have I met an entire group of people filled with so much compassion and kindness as the Believe Big Team! Donald and I are honored to support Believe Big financially so that more individuals like myself can be helped. I am celebrating my 11th year of being NED (No Evidence of Disease)! Today I watch my hormone levels, try to eat a consistent, organic diet and take supplements for cancer prevention. I also proactively had my breast implants removed when I began to experience arthritis in both hands along with other symptoms. Reconstruction was an expected part of “my team’s” protocol at that time, and I never questioned things until years later. My advice to anyone finding themselves on this cancer journey is • Assemble a prayer team, regardless of your faith. • Do your research before committing to any treatment. • Reach out to organizations like Believe Big for research and support. • Make yourself a priority. It’s not selfish to take good care of yourself! In His Love, Lori Falk (and the entire Falk Family)
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Overcomer Mary Erikson shares how she integrates her health!

My Christian faith, which came through saving faith in Jesus Christ, is My hope. This hope saw me through my cancer treatments and surgeries. Hope is what gives us purpose to continue amidst the storms of life.

The Hebrew word for spirit is ”RUAH” this term when applied to a person, means vital powers or strength. This is why we hear the phrase ”he/ she has a fighting spirit” My prayer life keeps me in touch with the spirit. I pray when I run, which allows me to add the body and mind elements of the trivium, to my daily habits. Since we are unable to go to a gym class during this time if quarantine?

Why not go for a run, take a walk or a hike, and soak in the beauty of creation which renews our spirit.

Friends, always, cling to hope! One of my favorite faith passages is ”but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” – Isaiah 40:31

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David Is Overcoming Stage 4 Cancer!

In January, I had been working hard as a property manager while also rehearsing–I’m a pro drummer.  Although I was in great shape, I started getting winded and tired.  I dismissed these symptoms as being caused by the change in altitude after moving to the mountains. Then, my face, neck, and upper arms started to swell.  As a veteran, I went to the V.A.  and was diagnosed with a sinus infection and prescribed antibiotics.  Even after more antibiotics the swelling persisted, so I had an X-ray. 

The doctor said, “You have vena cava syndrome, and it’s most likely caused by cancer.  The swelling is from a tumor pressing against your heart that’s disrupting the blood flow.”  I was airlifted to Albuquerque for confirmation testing and treatment.  It was Stage 4 cancer that had metastasized to my pelvis and liver.  My checkered past of abuse and smoking had caught up with me, but I also felt that The Creator had stepped in with a warning sign–had my face not swelled, I would’ve continued as if nothing were wrong until it was too late.  It probably seemed too late to most people, but I’m a big believer in miracles.  The doctors treated me conventionally with heavy steroids followed by chemotherapy.  I enrolled at Taos Whole Health where I was told about Mistletoe treatment, which changed everything!  

While Taos Whole Health administers Mistletoe, my V.A. insurance and Medicaid didn’t cover it. Just in time, the big blessing came!  I contacted Believe Big and spoke to Christine to request a wellness grant for my Mistletoe treatment.  Not only did Christine speak of faith, treatment, and healing, which greatly lifted my spirits, but she also swiftly applied for my grant, and it quickly came!  With ample help from Believe Big I started seven sessions of IV Mistletoe treatment.  I finished my last chemo and Mistletoe treatments at the same time.  When I went for my CAT Scan, the oncologist told me that the cancer had NOT spread to my brain.  The metastasis was gone!  

My Stage 4 had almost disappeared, except for a couple minuscule spots!  Recently, I finished my second round of Mistletoe.  I know the cancer is now completely gone.  I am so grateful to Believe Big, whose patient advocates are at once personal and professional. 

Believe Big has given me hope and increased my faith, and the generous wellness grant I received helped save my life. 


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Story of Hope – Meet Alexa

On November 9th, 2016, our life changed forever!

Alexa was a very typical girl.  A passionate basketball ball player, rarely ever sick, and had recently fell in love with a goldendoodle that we had just brought home, named Stella.

Alexa had been sick over the previous weekend, but because she was rarely sick, we just thought it was another day.  We took her to her pediatrician since we were thinking she had croup.  During her examination, her pediatrician asked, “is her belly always this bloated”.  Alexa was not a slim child, but far from being considered obese.  Her pediatrician recommended an abdominal ultrasound.

On the morning of November 9th, 2016, she went for her ultrasound.  Immediately, as soon as the probe hit her abdomen, the radiology technician said, “I need to get our Radiologist”.  As parents, we are both Nurses with a significant number of years of clinical experience, and we realized this was not a good sign.  It was at that moment when our lives changed, our hearts stopped, and we realized our life was not going to be the same, ever again.

She was immediately sent to a local children’s hospital, and after various blood work and diagnostic testing, we were informed that our 9-year-old daughter had stage 4 ovarian cancer.  Less than 2-3% of all pediatric cancers in the world.

On November 10th, she was to undergo an extensive debulking surgery.  Her left ovary, her omentum, and various other tumors were removed and sent for a definitive pathology diagnosis.  Alexa, being the strong girl that she is, recovered well, and within a few days we received the diagnosis that she had mixed germ cell cancer.  We were assured that this was a treatable cancer, but after multiple rounds of chemo, and on the verge of more aggressive treatment, we reached out to one of the top children’s oncology programs in the United States (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital).

Alexa underwent tandem bone marrow transplants with high dose chemotherapy, multiple different chemotherapy agents, yet her cancer was still not at bay.  She relapsed 3 times.

By the third time she had relapsed, we were clearly desperate, and as any parent would demand, we wanted the most aggressive treatment possible.  In November of 2017, we decided to put our daughter through the most extensive surgery and treatment protocol that was ever imagined for a child.  She underwent another extensive debulking surgery in which there was newer cancerous tumor growth, but also intra-abdominal chemotherapy during surgery. During this extensive surgery Alexa also had a portion of her liver removed, spleen and appendix removed due to new tumor presentation.  A questionable treatment in adults, and not well studied in pediatric patients, but we were desperate.  It was our daughter.

Fast forward a few weeks and the follow up treatment for Alexa was to get more chemo and 17 rounds of total abdominal radiation.  Once again, Alexa took this on like it was another day.  She never faltered, and she remained amazingly strong.  She was our strength and guiding light because as parents, we were absolutely crumbling everyday having to put her through such extensive treatment.

Alexa continued to recover, and she finally got to a point as to where we could consider alternative therapy.

Prior to Alexa’s extensive surgery in November of 2017, a family member (Bridget Wagner) who knew of Believe Big sent us information about this organization.  Since we were both nurses, we were scouring the medical and scientific literature to find a cure for our daughter.  We extensively reviewed the literature surrounding mistletoe therapy, and at that point we promised each other that if we ever got Alexa to a point that she could tolerate the travel to Colorado and the naturopathic treatment, we would do anything we had to do to get her treated with mistletoe.

With the extensive help of Believe Big, we were very fortunate to get Alexa treated with mistletoe therapy in December 2018 in Boulder, Colorado with Dr. Kirsten West at NatureMed and Jess Kelley at Remission Nutrition.  We strongly believe, and absolutely advocate for this therapy whether you are in treatment or post conventional treatment.  The science behind mistletoe therapy, in conjunction with conventional and naturopathic treatment, is absolutely what ultimately saved our daughter’s life.  None of this would have ever been possible if we had never been exposed to the great work that the Believe Big Foundation is doing every single day.  This organization is not only about providing funds for alternative treatment, they are also investing in the science to change the outcomes of patients, young or old.

We will forever be grateful to the Believe Big foundation for not only the support they gave our family financially, but also the extensive work they are investing in to prove in the United States that this therapy is effective.  To date, Alexa’s scans are completely clean, her tumor markers are well below normal, and her conventional Oncologist is amazed with every visit.


The Hughes Family

Ben, JoAnn, Wesley, Alexa, and Jeffrey Hughes

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Sonia Davis – Breast Cancer Fighter – Patient Testimony

Sonia Davis – Breast Cancer Fighter – Patient Testimony

Good Evening,

My name is Sonia Davis.  I’m 47, married to an incredible man and mother to 2 sweet kids, a daughter 10 and a son who just turned 8.  Last May I was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer after a clear 3D mammogram taken two months before in March of 2018.  To give you a brief history, my Mother died of ovarian cancer 6 years ago.  Yearly, I had a mammogram, pelvic ultrasound and CA-125 blood test to rule out ovarian cancer.  In March of 2018 these tests were clear except that my CA-125 was very elevated.  I met with a Gyn Oncologist and a week later I had a full hysterectomy.  After surgery he didn’t see any cancer and I was relieved.  But just 5 days later, the pathology report came back with metastatic breast cancer found in both ovaries.  About a week after that the PET scan revealed it had metastasized to my adrenal glands, lymph nodes, spine, right pelvis, sternum and ribs.  My diagnosis kept getting worse and worse.  I was given a life expectancy of about 5 years and my therapy would involve a daily chemo pill and an aromatase inhibitor to further remove the hormones from my body.  My cancer was ER+/PR+/HER2-.

My diagnosis and prognosis seemed to be pretty hopeless.  However, a dear friend contacted me and asked if I had spoken to Ivelisse Page at Believe Big.  I had not, but I knew of Believe Big.  I just wasn’t sure that Mistletoe could help me.  My friend said, “You HAVE to talk to Believe Big.”  Ivelisse took time out of her busy packing and moving schedule to Colorado to talk to me.  I walked out of that meeting with HOPE!   There was hope for this bleak prognosis.

Believe Big provided me with so many tools to guide me in this cancer journey.  From finding a Mistletoe doctor – thank you Dr. Hinderberger and Dr. West!!, to questions to ask your oncologist, to Believe Mugs, and books on navigating this cancer journey.  All of this guidance and these resources were provided to me free from Believe Big.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read the “I will have no fear” insert that came in my packet.  Fear is probably the most debilitating thing on this cancer journey.

Please get involved and donate to Believe Big.  Their staff has been such a source of support for me and advocate for so many others fighting this battle.  The financial health grants they’ve given me help to offset the cost of my Mistletoe treatments.  I am not sure where I would be today, had it not been for Believe Big!  I think my journey and quality of life would have been very different because Mistletoe works!!!  After doing IV Mistletoe and subcutaneous shots my scans have improved dramatically!  There is no more cancer in my adrenal glands or lymph nodes, no cancer found in my sternum or ribs and my spine and pelvis are 40% better!  I look forward to the day my scan reveals “No Evidence of Disease”!  I am BELIEVING BIG for this day!  Thank you.

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