Welcome Jackie Guidera!

Those that attended the Believe Big Fundraising Dinner heard the exciting announcement that Ivelisse and her family will be moving to Colorado this June. Jackie Guidera will be the Director of Operations for Believe Big starting May 1st. She will be in charge of running the day to day in Baltimore. Jackie has been a supporter of Believe Big since its conception in 2011 and has been an executive team member on our Board of Directors for the last eight years.
Ivelisse will continue to serve as the Executive Director at Believe Big, and her focus will now be long-range planning and goals, the mistletoe clinical trial, and patient care. In this transition, God has given her an even greater vision that we believe will be realized in this next season. One of our long range goals has always been to open a state-of-the-art Believe BigWellness Center where patients can find everything they need to heal in one place — mistletoe and nutrition therapy, organic prepared foods, art therapy rooms, acupuncture, a prayer room, and more. This special place would be where a patient is not only helped physically but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. There are several out-patient centers that provide these wonderful services, but we envision one that also allows for in-patient care and one that is not exclusive to only those who can afford it. We also believe that Ivelisse and her family’s move to Colorado will give us a greater strategic position to expand our influence across the United States and around the world.
If you are near the Believe Big office, please stop in and introduce yourself to Jackie, and welcome her to our team. If you are not local, feel free to send her a welcome email to jackie@believebig.org!