Transformative Healing Journey: Cari Cash’s Inspiring Camino Story for Personal Transformation

In the midst of life’s challenges, our emotional well-being often holds the key to healing, especially when facing a cancer diagnosis. Today, we share an inspiring story of hope from cancer overcomer, Cari Cash.

Cari embarked on the Camino Frances from SJPP to Santiago, accompanied by a friend who had invited her on this transformative journey. Cari’s adventure was not merely an escape from problems but an exploration of self, a commitment that led to profound changes.

Cari’s Story:

If you go on the Camino to escape your problems, they will be waiting for you when you return. If you go on the Camino to find yourself, when you return, the problems will change because… you’ve changed! I walked the Camino Frances SJPP to Santiago with a friend, whom I work for. She asked me to go with her and since I have a sense of adventure, and she paid for my trip, I said yes! About one week into my Camino, when the day to day physical challenge was hard for me, I needed to press in for a deeper, personal reason. I asked, “Why am I here?” So while walking, I prayed and cried out to the Lord to unlock the deep places in my soul and show me my why… and He answered! I am a two time cancer survivor, January 2021 and January 2022. When I walked the Camino, I was 15 months out from radiation. My rock to leave at Cruz de Ferro had three things written on it: broken trust, intuition and restoration. Right before I flew out, I had a knowing that I was not just a “plus one” for my friend, but that God was going to meet me on the way as well. The intention I set was to “shed the shroud” that betrayal and cancer had wrapped me in. On Camino, I had a couple of significant dreams. The first was I had just given birth and I was eager to get back to work the next day. Everyone told me take time off work and get to know this baby. When I awakened, I realized I had to “submit to the Camino” and stop focusing on the physical work of it, and get to know what is being birthed in me. The second dream happened the night before the meseta. It was like the subconscious pain and memories from 15 years ago came to the surface, as if it occurred yesterday. God met me in the meseta and showed me what I was to lay down at the Cruz. It was a walk of grief and a trail of tears.

Then a healing, a burial and freedom. At the bottom of the cross I found a white heart-shaped rock and then almost daily I found more heart shaped rocks. It was a sign of love and healing to me. At Finisterre, I knew what I was to release at “the end of the earth.” My friend gave me a silver bracelet that said “fuck cancer” in morse code. I had worn it daily for over a year. While on Camino, I realized the word “fuck” is associated with anger and I no longer wanted to carry anger in my heart towards cancer. So I threw the bracelet off a huge rock into the sea and symbolically let the anger associated with cancer go! As I was leaving, I looked back to the place I threw the bracelet to the sea and with tears in my eyes realized I was standing on an enormous heart shaped rock~the biggest one I have ever seen! The Camino changed my life, not my circumstances. Things at home are the same, but I’ve changed, so everything changes! Broken trust and intuition restored and so much more! The shroud is off and I am continuing to look for the signs along the way in life. The Camino is in your heart and not a destination. Buen Camino ya’ll. With love and gratitude, Cari Cash, Harrisburg, PA, USA


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