Story of Hope – Stage IV head and neck cancer

Russ LeBlanc Overcomes stage IV head and neck cancer!

written by: Rena LeBlanc
Just two years out from my battle with lung cancer, Russ was diagnosed with stage IV head and neck cancer. Our flesh was scared, angry, and exhausted, but our spirit had hope. We were once again on our knees asking God for healing, only to learn that God had already set relief, comfort, and HOPE in place for us.

For two years many had mentioned the hope and help for cancer patients found at Believe Big. One of Russ’ nurses happened to be a neighbor of Ivelisse Page. The nurse’s recommendation to contact Ivelisse was the final arrow pointing our way to Believe Big. Believe Big is a place of love and hope that led us to the gift of relief in mistletoe therapy. The mistletoe spared Russ from much pain and suffering during chemotherapy and radiation and aided in his recovery. Because of Believe Big’s grants and guidance, we were able to utilize mistletoe therapy and see an oncology nutritionist whose advice far surpassed anything offered at Russ’ hospital.

God nudged His people to pray for us, encourage us, and supply all our needs. Ultimately, He healed Russ of cancer, carrying and leading us through the darkest of times. These wilderness times can be frightening and harsh but they can also be the most beautiful as we see the Lord moving, hear His gentle promises, and feel His touch in our lives.
We “have learned to kiss the wave that throws us against the Rock of Ages.”
-Charles Spurgeon