David Is Overcoming Stage 4 Cancer!

In January, I had been working hard as a property manager while also rehearsing–I’m a pro drummer.  Although I was in great shape, I started getting winded and tired.  I dismissed these symptoms as being caused by the change in altitude after moving to the mountains. Then, my face, neck, and upper arms started to swell.  As a veteran, I went to the V.A.  and was diagnosed with a sinus infection and prescribed antibiotics.  Even after more antibiotics the swelling persisted, so I had an X-ray. 

The doctor said, “You have vena cava syndrome, and it’s most likely caused by cancer.  The swelling is from a tumor pressing against your heart that’s disrupting the blood flow.”  I was airlifted to Albuquerque for confirmation testing and treatment.  It was Stage 4 cancer that had metastasized to my pelvis and liver.  My checkered past of abuse and smoking had caught up with me, but I also felt that The Creator had stepped in with a warning sign–had my face not swelled, I would’ve continued as if nothing were wrong until it was too late.  It probably seemed too late to most people, but I’m a big believer in miracles.  The doctors treated me conventionally with heavy steroids followed by chemotherapy.  I enrolled at Taos Whole Health where I was told about Mistletoe treatment, which changed everything!  

While Taos Whole Health administers Mistletoe, my V.A. insurance and Medicaid didn’t cover it. Just in time, the big blessing came!  I contacted Believe Big and spoke to Christine to request a wellness grant for my Mistletoe treatment.  Not only did Christine speak of faith, treatment, and healing, which greatly lifted my spirits, but she also swiftly applied for my grant, and it quickly came!  With ample help from Believe Big I started seven sessions of IV Mistletoe treatment.  I finished my last chemo and Mistletoe treatments at the same time.  When I went for my CAT Scan, the oncologist told me that the cancer had NOT spread to my brain.  The metastasis was gone!  

My Stage 4 had almost disappeared, except for a couple minuscule spots!  Recently, I finished my second round of Mistletoe.  I know the cancer is now completely gone.  I am so grateful to Believe Big, whose patient advocates are at once personal and professional. 

Believe Big has given me hope and increased my faith, and the generous wellness grant I received helped save my life.