Sonia Davis – Breast Cancer Fighter – Patient Testimony

Sonia Davis – Breast Cancer Fighter – Patient Testimony

Good Evening,

My name is Sonia Davis.  I’m 47, married to an incredible man and mother to 2 sweet kids, a daughter 10 and a son who just turned 8.  Last May I was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer after a clear 3D mammogram taken two months before in March of 2018.  To give you a brief history, my Mother died of ovarian cancer 6 years ago.  Yearly, I had a mammogram, pelvic ultrasound and CA-125 blood test to rule out ovarian cancer.  In March of 2018 these tests were clear except that my CA-125 was very elevated.  I met with a Gyn Oncologist and a week later I had a full hysterectomy.  After surgery he didn’t see any cancer and I was relieved.  But just 5 days later, the pathology report came back with metastatic breast cancer found in both ovaries.  About a week after that the PET scan revealed it had metastasized to my adrenal glands, lymph nodes, spine, right pelvis, sternum and ribs.  My diagnosis kept getting worse and worse.  I was given a life expectancy of about 5 years and my therapy would involve a daily chemo pill and an aromatase inhibitor to further remove the hormones from my body.  My cancer was ER+/PR+/HER2-.

My diagnosis and prognosis seemed to be pretty hopeless.  However, a dear friend contacted me and asked if I had spoken to Ivelisse Page at Believe Big.  I had not, but I knew of Believe Big.  I just wasn’t sure that Mistletoe could help me.  My friend said, “You HAVE to talk to Believe Big.”  Ivelisse took time out of her busy packing and moving schedule to Colorado to talk to me.  I walked out of that meeting with HOPE!   There was hope for this bleak prognosis.

Believe Big provided me with so many tools to guide me in this cancer journey.  From finding a Mistletoe doctor – thank you Dr. Hinderberger and Dr. West!!, to questions to ask your oncologist, to Believe Mugs, and books on navigating this cancer journey.  All of this guidance and these resources were provided to me free from Believe Big.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read the “I will have no fear” insert that came in my packet.  Fear is probably the most debilitating thing on this cancer journey.

Please get involved and donate to Believe Big.  Their staff has been such a source of support for me and advocate for so many others fighting this battle.  The financial health grants they’ve given me help to offset the cost of my Mistletoe treatments.  I am not sure where I would be today, had it not been for Believe Big!  I think my journey and quality of life would have been very different because Mistletoe works!!!  After doing IV Mistletoe and subcutaneous shots my scans have improved dramatically!  There is no more cancer in my adrenal glands or lymph nodes, no cancer found in my sternum or ribs and my spine and pelvis are 40% better!  I look forward to the day my scan reveals “No Evidence of Disease”!  I am BELIEVING BIG for this day!  Thank you.