I Have Cancer, Now What?

Here’s a “Sneak Peak” to our NEW video series for patients that will officially be released January 1, 2023. We wanted to make sure patients have access as soon as they were completed. These videos, our podcast and all the free resources are made possible and available due to the generous donations we receive throughout the year. We created this video series as a solution to the overwhelm patients feel once diagnosed.

This video series will help walk patients and their families through an easy step-by-step process on what to do once diagnosed. There are five short lessons with downloadable resources attached to each one.

1. Overcoming The Shock

2. Build Your Treatment Team

3. Build Your Support Team

4. Tools for A Strong Mindset and Emotions

5. A Healthy Soul

Hear what Bob Olson has to say about helping Believe Big meet our year end budgetary needs. We need you. Please help.


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