The Believe Big Institute of Health

I am very excited to share with you the progress that our team has accomplished in just a few short months. We are in the beginning stages of developing a fully-licensed residential cancer research hospital. It will be a state of the art, green certified facility enabling the best of modern science and technology along with ancient therapies and wisdom procured from around the world. Patients will come for a precise treatment itinerary based on personalized testing, comprehensive medical markers and algorithmic intelligence.

They will take home recommendations to continue progress and return as often as needed. A cutting-edge data collection and aggregation process will support ongoing research that improves cancer care beyond the center. We will supply all meals grown on our land with a commercial and teaching kitchen for patients and the public. It will be in a nature dense environment that will enable patients to rest, restore, and heal. This facility will also be a training site for practitioners, patients and caregivers to clarify the synergistic effects of a comprehensive approach to healing.

Upon sharing this vision, a common question is “can I go here even if I’m healthy?” In fulfilling a goal of improving lives of people with cancer, one of the most successful strategies is to prevent a diagnosis. Because of this, we will have a wellness arm where you can come for a wellness retreat to gain insight into your metabolic state and then go home with an effective plan to help you thrive. All who come will be refreshed physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

This concept and vision for what we are calling The Believe Big Institute of Health does not exist yet anywhere in the world. Many have pieces of the puzzle but not the whole picture. In order for you to get a glimpse into this vision, we have created this short video for you. Want to partner with Believe Big to support the creation of this future institute of health? Visit: