Sugar and Its Role in Feeding Cancer Cells

The western American diet is under fire for the amount of sugar we consume on a daily basis.  Overconsumption of sugar creates all sorts of health issues for us and it is a big topic of discussion for everyone these days, especially cancer patients.

In this Believe Big podcast episode, Dr. Lucas Tims of the Riordan Clinic returns for a second time to talk about sugar and the role it plays in cancer.

  • Can consuming sugar increase your risk for cancer?
  • Are there certain types of cancers that are more sensitive to sugar intake?
  • Does sugar affect cancer treatments?
  • Are artificial sweeteners beneficial to someone on a cancer journey?

Dr. Tims answers these questions and talks about how sugar consumption can lead to inflammation in the body.  This inflammation can create an environment that is conducive to cancer growth.   He also discusses the importance of maintaining a healthy, balanced diet that is low in sugar and high in nutrients, sharing how he has helped his patients reduce their sugar consumption in their individual health journeys.

You won’t want to miss this enlightening episode!

Connect with Dr. Tims at the Riordan Clinic – Overland Park

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