Shari Overcame Stage IV Breast Cancer!

Shari Hall Smith was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer in 2014 at the age of 58, twenty-two years after her initial breast cancer diagnosis. She combined conventional and alternative methods to overcome incredible odds. Two years later she has no evidence of disease.
Here is her story in her own words:
“In 1992 I was 36 years old recently engaged to be married when I learned I had breast cancer. I refused conventional treatment and decided to instead build my immune system with supplements, Essiac Tea and positive imagery. By refusing the six months of chemotherapy and five years of Tamoxifen, my prognosis only changed by 5%. Greg, my husband, and I were blessed to have our two daughters, Sydney and Emma.
In February 2014 I learned that the cancer I had 22 years before was in my bones. I received three opinions with the same recommendation of Letrozole, Xgeva, and radiation with no cure. This is where I made the decision to research for a different answer. While I did not find a cure, I did learn about treatments that could boost my immune system. I found an amazing Integrative MD who ordered unusual lab tests and along with my other test results devised a diet and supplement plan to build my immune system, negate bone loss from the Letrozole and help to mitigate my pain. I decided against Xgeva and the radiation to see if the natural treatments may help me without the harsh side effects. I hired a cancer consultant and decided to travel to Germany for whole body hyperthermia, along with other immune building treatments. At the end of my three week treatments I was sent home with Mistletoe therapy and started immediately. I continue to take this as prescribed by my doctor in Germany.
While in Germany I met well research people from around the world and learned from them, including about a book that had recently come out: Radical Remission by Dr. Kelly Turner. After reading it on my trip home to the states I realized I was doing many of the factors outlined in the book that people from around the world were doing with late stage cancer to heal themselves against all odds. It gave me additional insight that I added into my treatment plan which includes diet, supplements, Mistletoe injections, a daily biota, and monthly energy healing. In July 2015, I stopped taking the only cancer medication I was on, Letrozole. While I have been blessed to have no evidence of disease for two years, I have also healed the auto-immune issues that plagued me for over thirty years! Since 2015 I have only been taking Mistletoe and other immune boosting treatments and I am still no evidence of disease (NED)! I have never felt better in body, mind, and spirit. I encourage everyone to seek treatment options that meet their individual health and life goals~ Be well!”
For more information about Shari and her treatments, you can visit her website
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