Healthy Holiday Travel: 10 Essential Tips

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Healthy Holiday Travel: 10 Essential Tips
The holiday season is upon us, and for many, that means travel plans to visit loved ones. If you’re a cancer patient or someone looking to prioritize their health while on the go, staying proactive is key. In this blog post, I’ll be sharing valuable insights, a mix of expert advice and personal tips, to help you stay healthy and enjoy your travels to the fullest.

  1. Plan Ahead with Immune Boosting Supplements
    One of the best ways to support your immune system during travel stress is by taking immune-boosting supplements. In the days leading up to, during, and after your journey, consider taking one to three grams of Vitamin C, 40 milligrams of zinc (with food), and a whopping 50,000 IUs of Vitamin D3. Pro Tip: Organize your supplements in daily mini baggies for easy access throughout your trip. 10% off at FullScript Here
  2. Myers Cocktail IV for Overall Health
    Consider a Myers Cocktail IV a day or two before you fly. Developed by Dr. John Myers, this nutritional IV is packed with magnesium, calcium, B vitamins, zinc, glutathione, and Vitamin C—elements known to enhance overall health and immunity.
  3. MycoShield Immune Support Spray for Daily Defense
    Combat winter challenges with MycoShield Immune Support Spray. This portable spray, enriched with functional mushrooms, supports stress reduction and provides daily immune system reinforcement. Conveniently, it comes in a travel-friendly one-ounce size.
  4. Purple Coneflower Spray for Sore Throats
    Be prepared for any throat discomfort with Purple Coneflower spray by Uriel Pharmacy. This travel-friendly spray, featuring echinacea, sage, calendula, and eucalyptus, is a soothing solution for sore throats, making it a must-have in your travel health kit.
  5. Angel Air Purifier for Clean Air
    Invest in a compact and portable angel air purifier to create a clean and fresh environment in your hotel room. This device not only eliminates odors but also sanitizes surfaces, ensuring a comfortable stay.
  6. Stay Hydrated to Beat Fatigue
    Combat travel-induced fatigue by staying hydrated. Aim for one glass of water per hour of flight time to keep your energy levels up and your body functioning optimally.
  7. Aurum Lavender Rose Cream for Stress Relief
    Uriel Pharmacy’s Aurum Lavender Rose Cream is a tried-and-true stress reliever. Rub it over your heart as needed to enjoy the calming effects of homeopathic potencies and nourishing oils.
  8. EMF Protection with Lambs Clothing
    Protect yourself from electronic magnetic fields (EMFs) with Lambs clothing. Wearing items like their scientifically proven baseball cap can mitigate oxidative stress caused by EMFs, providing a shield for your immune system. Save with code BELIEVEBIG Show now >
  9. Compression Socks for Circulation
    For long flights, invest in compression socks to boost circulation and prevent swelling in your legs and feet. A small but effective addition to your travel wardrobe.
  10. Exercise with the Peloton App
    Maintain your exercise routine with the Peloton app, even on the road. With thousands of workouts available, including those by motivating instructors like Robin Arzón, you can stay active and detox after a flight.

Remember, these tips are not a substitute for professional advice, so consult your healthcare provider before making changes to your routine. Safe travels, and may your holiday journey be filled with health and happiness! Learn more about Well N Strong here >



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Believe Big Surpasses $300,000 Goal at 12th Annual Fundraising Dinner

Enjoy this write up from the CityBiz

Believe Big, a non-profit cancer assistance organization founded by cancer survivor and mistletoe advocate Ivelisse Page, recently hosted its 12th Annual Fundraising Dinner. The event was a resounding success, with supporters coming together to raise more than $300,000 to support Believe Big’s mission of helping cancer patients face, fight, and overcome their disease.

The event was the first in-person fundraising event for Believe Big in over two years, and attendees were excited to be back together for a night of inspiring stories and updates on the latest advances in cancer research. Jennifer Gilbert St. John served as the Master of Ceremonies, and guests were inspired by the stories of hope shared by Terri Zgorski and Daniel Wellington.

Believe Big’s Executive Director and Co-founder, Ivelisse Page, expressed gratitude to the supporters and donors who helped make the event a success, saying, “We are so grateful for our supporters who came alongside us to help cancer patients face, fight, and overcome their disease. Since Believe Big began we have helped over 1 million people due to your generosity. Thank you for linking arms with us and helping to make a real difference in the lives of so many.”

Prior to the event, Believe Big set a goal to raise $300,000 and gain 37 new monthly partners. In addition to surpassing the fundraising goal, the organization was able to exceed its monthly partner goal with 49 new partners.

The event also featured updates on the Believe Big Institute of Health and the Mistletoe Clinical Trial Team. Dr. Luis Diaz Jr., head of the Division of Solid Tumor Oncology in Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Department of Medicine, and Dr. Channing Paller, associate professor of oncology, the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins University, shared that completing Phase 1 of the clinical trial was just the first step in making mistletoe therapy standard care oncology and its ability to be covered by insurance.

The completion of Phase 2 is estimated to cost $1 million and Believe Big is asking for continued support from its donors to help make this a reality. Donate today >


About Believe Big

Established in 2011, Believe Big is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit founded by Ivelisse and Jimmy Page after her battle with Stage IV colon cancer. Believe Big serves those with cancer in the United States and beyond. Believe Big offers a wide array of support mechanisms for cancer patients, ranging from nutrition therapy to Mistletoe education and patient advocacy. The organization helps cancer patients move through the overwhelming process of treatment by bridging the gap between conventional and complementary medicine to heal in all aspects of life: physically, emotionally and spiritually. To learn more, visit



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Meet Sonia Davis

I’m Sonia Davis. I’m 48, married to an incredible guy and have 2 beautiful children. In May of 2018 I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer (MBC) after having a clear 3D mammogram just 2 months prior. My Mom had died of ovarian cancer and because of this, I did a blood test (CA125) and pelvic ultrasound yearly. My blood test came back elevated and with my Mom’s history, it was determined that a full hysterectomy would hopefully prevent me from getting ovarian cancer. As it turned out, the pathology report stated that breast cancer cells were found in both ovaries, not ovarian. A PET/CT revealed that it had gone to both breasts, my pelvis, spine, ribs and adrenal glands. Talk about a shocker!!! I had stage IV cancer and felt fine.
A dear friend encouraged me to reach out to Believe Big! Ivelisse and her staff have been so supportive and informative. I really don’t think I would be alive today had it not been for their advice! I was awarded a grant that allowed me to go to Boulder, CO and meet with an integrative oncologist, Dr. Kirsten West. I received IV mistletoe, as well as subcutaneous mistletoe, and IV Vitamin C. The supplements and diet changes have allowed me to be a Mom and feel good despite 2.5 years of battling this disease. People can’t even believe I have cancer!!
I have a very restrictive diet (no gluten, no refined sugar, no dairy), but I feel better than I’ve felt in years!  I continue to do subcutaneous mistletoe and IV Vitamin C. This year I went to California after my cancer had progressed again.  I received hyperthermia treatment 6 days a week for 6 weeks to my liver and areas on my spine.  HCI (Hyperthermia Cancer Institute) was incredible.  I had caring nurses and doctors who would heat up those areas to 109 degrees.  I received chemotherapy while I was out there as well as hyperbaric oxygen.  I have had 2 great scans since!  Hallelujah! If you have been diagnosed, recently or otherwise, I would encourage you to reach out to Believe Big.  They will give you the tools you need to thrive in the face of cancer.  When I first heard of Believe Big, I thought it was a unique name and I really didn’t “get it” until I spoke with Ivelisse.  God created our body and mind to heal.  This can be through many means.  Believe that God CAN overcome any obstacle…even stage IV cancer…in the face of fear and death.  I have read the “I will have no fear” insert countless times over the years that was given to me the first day that I reached out to Believe Big.  Fear is the biggest weapon that is used against us.  This journey is very mental.  God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind. Everyone knows someone with cancer.  I encourage you to get involved with Believe Big today!  Your support will help so many thrive in the face of cancer!
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Simple Fitness and Nutrition

Thank you to everyone who was able to come out and join us for our Simple Fitness and Nutrition event presented by Jo Miller!

Jo has been a longtime supporter of Believe Big as an advisory board member and volunteer. She also is a personal trainer and fitness and nutrition coach. Those who joined us experienced a hilarious and informative presentation and learned practical ways to live a healthy and fit lifestyle no matter what your fitness level is or how hectic your schedule can be. Guests were able to leave with dozens of at home and on the go workouts, recipes, tips, and tricks, too.

We hope you can join us next time!

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Sunscreen – Is it Safe?

With summer in full swing, it is important to remember each sunscreen is different. There are many brands, types and ingredients; and with something that we put on much of our skin, we should all be aware of the best ones to use and ones to avoid.

Sunscreen’s active ingredients may be minerals, chemical filters or even both. So, which one is the best?

While they each have their own pros and cons, mineral based sunscreens use titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These active ingredients go onto the skin but do not absorb completely into your blood stream. Mineral sunscreens provide the best protection as they do not break down in the sun and is a great protection from UVA rays.

The second group of sunscreens use a chemical filter as the active ingredient and contain 2 or more of oxybenzone, avobenzone, octocrylene, and so on. These ingredients are absorbed into the skin with measured amounts found in your blood stream, breast milk and urine.  CDC data suggests that the ingredients in the chemical filters can also affect hormones. Oxybenzone exposure has been found to lower testosterone levels in adolescent boys. It is also known to shorten pregnancies of male fetuses and lower birth weights for girls.

The third group say they are mineral-based but they are coated in the chemical ingredients listed above, so make sure you read the label!

One additional ingredient that is sometimes added to sunscreen that can be harmful is Vitamin A. While this ingredient has it great benefits in other forms, when it is added to a sunscreen, it can form into small molecules call free radicals which damage DNA. Make sure your sunscreen, moisturizers with SPF and lip products do not include Vitamin A as an ingredient.

Is a sunscreen higher in SPF better for you? Not necessarily. SPF 100 sunscreen indicates you should be able to be out in the sun for twice as long, before you start to burn. For example, if you burn in 30 minutes, you should be able to stay out for 50 minutes. However, using SPF to pick the best sunscreen is misleading. SPF does not protect you from all the rays. It does help protect you from ultraviolet B (UVB) rays but not from ultraviolet A (UVA) rays. UVA can penetrate your skin much deeper and cause more damage than the UVB. By using a higher SPF, people tend to think they can stay out in the sun much longer, but this causes much deeper skin health concerns.

One last thing to remember before you buy that sunscreen! The FDA regulations have been grandfathered in from the 1970s. That was almost 50 years ago and we have learned many new facts about what we put on our body so it is very important to research which sunscreen you purchase this summer.

For a look at which sunscreens are best, please go to EWG’ 2018 sunscreen report by clicking HERE.


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The Voyage of the Voice: Jeff Charles’s Battle Against Cancer

The Voyage of the Voice: Jeff Charles’s Battle Against Cancer

Published: Dec. 21, 2016 at 7:33 PM EST

Most ECU Pirate fans know that Jeff Charles, the longtime announcer for the ECU Pirates battled cancer. What you may not know is that it almost killed him.

“I’m very fortunate I got through that period when I was deathly sick,” Charles said. “I was at deaths’s door. There is no question about that.”

In December 2012, Charles was diagnosed with colon cancer and had three surgeries in nine days. Then he developed a near deadly infection. He survived, but the recovery was grueling. He had to sleep in a chair for four months; the three incisions in his stomach meant he could not lay flat. He also had to wear an uncomfortable wound vac for four months. Charles underwent 612 hours of chemotherapy in a six-month period.

“The Voice” got back to work and was in remission. He didn’t know his battle was not over.

“I was naive enough to think that I had beaten cancer,” Charles said.

Then tumors appeared again, this time, in his lung. In March of 2015, a man who’s made his living as “The Voice” ended up losing part of that lung on the operating table. Charles said he was surprised to wake from surgery and be told part of his lung had to be removed. He was not expecting that to happen.

Soon after, a conversation with his doctor changed everything.

“I’ve already been through six surgeries, all the chemo, everthing that I’ve been through, and now here the cancer comes back again, where do you think I am? He says, ‘Well, you’ll probably just continue to get more tumors.’ And a lightbulb went on in my head. And I said, ‘You know, there’s got to be a different way to attack this animal. I’m not just going to sit here and be a statistic like I’ve seen so many poor people over the years.’ “

Charles’s search for that different way led to mistletoe. The plant known for Christmas kisses has been used in Europe to treat cancer for about a century. He traveled to Durango, Colorado to the Namaste Health Center, one of a few dozens of places in the entire country where they treat cancer patients with mistletoe extract, shipped in from Germany, by way of Canada.

Mistletoe is administered in the same way chemotherapy is–intravenously.

“Mistletoe is mianly designed to boost the body’s own immune function,” explains Dr. Stacy Mulkey, one of the doctors at the Namaste Health Center who treated Charles. “There are several proposed mechanisms for this, but one of the most studied is the boost in natural killer cell function. These are a specific type of white blood cells that will basically kill off anything that looks weird, whether it’s a bacteria, whether it’s a virus, whether it’s a cancer cell.”

Charles spent three weeks in Colorado and continues his mistletoe therapy through injections three times a week at home.

“I feel absolutely terrific,” Charles says. “I’ve really never felt better in my life than I do right now.”

Charles says he frequently asks oncologists if they know about mistletoe, and many he’s come across do not. That’s something Believe Big, a non-profit group, is trying to change. Co-founder Ivelisse Page is working to get the first-ever clincial trial of mistletoe for cancer patients in the U.S. off the ground. The mother of four survived stage four colon cancer and has been cancer-free for eight years.

“Right now, patients are having to go in deep research mode to find mistletoe, and we would just love for it to be at the beginning stages of their cancer, instead of towards the end, or have difficulty finding it,” Page says.

Believe Big has raised nearly $500,000 through a grass roots effort in order to begin a clinical trial at Johns Hopkins, a world-renown research facility. Mistletoe therapy is FDA-approved in the Homeopathic Pharmacopia, but it’s not in mainstream medicine. It’s also not covered by insurance.

“Even though its so much less expensive, it’s still out of reach for some people when it’s an out of pocket expense,” says Dr. Mulkey.

It’s about $200 a month for mistletoe injections at home. The goal for Charles and other patients is to keep cancer from coming back.

“We all have cancer cells in our bodies that our immune system is fighting off, and it doesn’t really develop into a tumor until to many of them escape the immune system and happen to be in one area localized, and then a tumor can grow,” Dr. Mulkey explains.

Charles’s latest scans for new tumors have come back clear. He’s also cleared his diet of red meat, processed foods and sugar.

“Sugar is just so bad for you. It’s horrible for you,” Charles says. “And if you have cancer, and you’re continuing to eat sugar, it just fuels cancer cells in your body. It’s like pouring gas on a fire.”

Charles’s diet consists of a shake full of nutrients daily for breakfast, a salad for lunch, fish for dinner most nights, and broccoli pretty much every day.

“It’s not a whole lot of fun, but what happens is you get used to it, and what really happens is that your stomach shrinks and you realize that you don’t need all the food that you were eating,” Charles said.

He also works out at a level comparable to the college athletes he does play-by-play for. Charles also says it’s important to keep a good attitude and to believe in your ability to get better.

“Because this therapy worked so well, and is working so well, I feel a responsibility and just an obligation to get the word out to as many people as I can about mistletoe therapy and a natural approach to killing cancer,” Charles said.

The man who will always be known as “Voice of the Pirates” now hopes his lasting legacy is helping change the way we fight cancer.

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