7 Inspiring Lessons from the Believe Big Podcast with Mark Batterson

  1. The Power of Bold Prayers: Mark Batterson, a lead pastor and author, shares how God delights in answering our heart’s deepest desires and God-given dreams through bold prayers. He encourages listeners to pray for things beyond their abilities, resources, and education.
  2. Setting Goals for Health: Mark emphasizes the importance of setting goals to stay in shape. He personally takes on annual challenges like a bike century or a marathon, which not only contributes to his physical health but also strengthens relationships, as he involves his family in these activities.
  3. The Role of Faith in Healing: Mark recounts his personal experience with asthma, which he had for 40 years. Despite decades of praying for healing, it wasn’t until July 2nd, 2016, that he was miraculously healed. He highlights the importance of participating in your own healing journey and combining faith with natural means.
  4. Persistence in Prayer: Mark encourages listeners not to give up on praying for miracles, even if the answers are not immediate. He shares the example of praying for someone who is far from God, emphasizing the need to keep pressing in, praying through, and entrusting it to God’s hands.
  5. The Power of Mind and Belief: Drawing from a study shared by Ivelisse Page, a cancer survivor and podcast host, Mark discusses the impact of our thoughts on our health. He highlights the placebo effect and the importance of nurturing a positive mindset and filling our minds with the capabilities of what God can do.
  6. Honoring God with Big Dreams: Mark emphasizes that nothing honors God more than having a big dream that is beyond our means and abilities. He encourages listeners to step out in faith when God gives them a vision, trusting that God will provide the means to accomplish it. By relying on God, we can’t take credit for the miraculous outcomes, making it clear that it was God’s doing.
  7. Ebeneezer’s Coffee House Miracle: Mark shares the story of Ebeneezer’s Coffee House, a project that seemed impossible but became a reality. Through God’s provision, his church is able to own multiple properties worth $83 million without any debt. This serves as a reminder that God can use the unlikely and accomplish the impossible when we trust in Him.

Listening to the Believe Big podcast and the insights shared by Mark Batterson can inspire and empower individuals to embrace bold prayers, set goals for their health, persist in their faith, and pursue big dreams with unwavering trust in God’s provision. Listen to the full episode below.