Grateful for Your Generosity


Thank you for coming alongside of us this year!

We are so grateful for the generosity of our friends, family, and advocates.  We wanted to thank all of you who helped to contribute to our end of year campaign.  In total, we were able to raise $75,000 of our $150,000 goal.  Even though we didn’t reach our goal, we know that God in His time will raise the remaining funds needed for the trial to begin and to meet the needs of the patients we serve.  THANK YOU to so many of you that have supported us with your time, by sharing our mission, or through prayer.  We have been able to achieve so much this year and it’s only because you helped to make it possible.

Because of you we were able to give nearly $35,000 in Wellness Grants to help patients afford Mistletoe therapy and nutrition therapy, which are not covered by typical health insurance policies.

With the help of dozens of schools, pottery stores, volunteers, and church groups we have expanded our Believe Mugs program and distributed nearly 1100+ mugs all over the country to patients in need of spiritual and emotional support.

This past year we were able to provide materials for children at The Johns Hopkins pediatric oncology unit to paint Believe Mugs during their treatments.

Our patient advocates were also able to connect and provide patients from all over the country free resources, direction, and hope. Additionally, we were able to host a support group that offered much needed respite to caregivers of loved ones with cancer. It provided a safe place to be listened to and encouraged all while participating in a variety of experiences that supported them in a more practical way.

All of this may leave you wondering, “What’s the update on the Mistletoe Clinical Trial?!”  On December 24, 2015 we heard from the FDA that they approved the start of the trial.  In September of 2016, The Johns Hopkins Internal Review Board approved the trial commencement.  We are now just waiting on the finalization of the needed documents for the international shipment of the mistletoe extract that is produced by a German company, Helixor. The Johns Hopkins Hospital and Helixor are working tirelessly to iron out the final details so that patients can be enrolled and start as soon as possible!

Again, We cannot express our gratitude and appreciation of the blessing of each member of the Believe Big community! We eagerly anticipate and are excited for what is in store for 2017!


Ivelisse & The Believe Big Team