Announcement to Our Believe Big Community

Hello, Believe Big family.

I hope that you all had a wonderful summer. I recently received some news that I wanted to share with you all personally. As many of you know from hearing my story, I have something called Lynch Syndrome. One in 300 people have this syndrome that predisposes them to several types of cancer and at an earlier age.

Because of this, I am monitored very closely with additional tests like yearly colonoscopies, ultrasounds, and endometrial biopsies. Recently, I got this year’s pathology report that shows that I have cancerous cells in my endometrium. The good news is because of my close monitoring. It is very, very early.

So early that nothing suspicious showed up in my labs. Jimmy and I have explored my best options along with our medical team, and it looks like I’ll be going in for surgery. At is, as it has a 95 percent cure rate, my integrative physicians have given me an amazing pre- and post-surgery protocol that’s going to help my body prepare and heal better after the surgery.

I’ll be sharing more about that in an upcoming podcast this year. I never thought I would have to battle another cancer again. But it’s exactly why Believe Big exists, to help people face, fight, and overcome cancer. I am so grateful that this time I am coming from a place of strength and peace with the knowledge I have gained over the last 15 years.

And I have an incredible network of physicians who are already helping me with off label drugs, tweaking my diet, increasing my mistletoe, and more to cut off the cancer pathways. What switched this gene on? I believe the coming weeks will bring more clarity as to why my immune system’s vigilance struggled, but I do know it’s partly due to the influx of estrogen from perimenopause as endometrial cancer is estrogen driven.

Here are three things that I have learned through this recent news that I believe are beneficial to us all.

  1. Be your own advocate. Whether you have had cancer or not, don’t miss your yearly exams and monitoring because should something change, you catch it early.
  2. Keep a healthy lifestyle. Because I’ve kept up with mine all these years. I am coming from a place of strength.
  3. Your emotional, mental, and spiritual health are equally important. I had an opportunity this summer to slow my pace and work with a spiritual director who helped me uncover that I had been moving through life so fast, without proper rest, and it prevented me from having time to attend to my disappointments, my losses, and grief. When we don’t process an emotion, we delay grief. And our bodies take on the burden when hard things happen. We shouldn’t feel like we need to put on a happy face because a certain time has passed, and we feel we should be over it. We need to say this hurts and it’s hard Jesus. I need you. We need to keep talking to him about it.

We are real. We are human. If tears come, we shouldn’t hold them back. this news was a surprise to me. I know it wasn’t to the Lord. Jimmy and I walk into the days ahead with peace, knowing that he is our strength. He is my healer, and he has already gone before us in the days ahead. Jimmy and I would greatly appreciate your prayers.

Much love to you. Ivelisse Page