Navigating Childhood and Adult Cancer with Hope and Healing: An Interview with Dr. Dagmara Beine

Welcome to the Believe Big podcast! In today’s episode, Ivelisse Page speaks with Dr. Dagmara Beine, an expert in integrative medicine and the founder of Zuza’s Way Integrative Care. Dr. Beine shares her insights on supporting children and adults with cancer through integrative therapies based on her personal and professional experiences. Let’s dive into the key takeaways from this conversation.

  1. Dr. Dagmara Beine’s Journey
    Dr. Beine’s journey into integrative medicine began with her daughter, Zuza, who was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia at the age of three and a half. Faced with the challenges of conventional treatment and the need for additional supportive care, Dr. Beine sought integrative therapies to aid her daughter’s healing. This personal experience led her to establish Zuza’s Way Integrative Care and write her book, A Parent’s Guide to Childhood Cancer: Supporting Your Child with Integrative Therapies Based on a Metabolic Approach
  2. Creating a Supportive Team
    Dr. Beine emphasizes the importance of building a supportive medical team. As parents, you are your child’s advocate. It’s crucial to find an oncologist who is open-minded and willing to incorporate integrative therapies into the treatment plan. This collaborative approach ensures comprehensive care that addresses not only the tumor but also the overall well-being of the child.
  3. Metabolic Approach to Cancer
    The metabolic approach to cancer focuses on understanding and addressing the underlying causes of cancer, rather than viewing it as mere bad luck. This perspective empowers parents to take proactive steps in their child’s care by incorporating healthy nutrition, reducing toxins, and improving overall metabolic health. Dr. Beine explains that this approach is especially crucial for children undergoing cancer treatment, as it helps make the treatment more effective and less toxic.
  4. Nutritional Strategies
    Nutrition plays a pivotal role in supporting a child’s health during cancer treatment. Dr. Beine outlines a step-by-step nutritional plan:
    Foundation Nutrition: Organic, non-GMO foods, quality proteins, full-fat dairies, and healthy fats.
    Level One Nutrition: Eliminate sugar, harmful carbohydrates, and processed foods.
    Level Two Nutrition: Implementing ketosis during treatment to reduce side effects and improve treatment efficacy.
    Meeting families where they are and gradually introducing these changes can significantly impact a child’s health and treatment outcomes.
  1. Detoxification
    Detoxification is essential for children undergoing cancer treatment to help their bodies eliminate toxins accumulated from chemotherapy, radiation, and other medications. Simple and effective detox methods include:
    Sweating: Using a sauna to help eliminate water-soluble toxins.
    Castor Oil Packs: Applying them to the lower belly.
    Dry Brushing and Jumping on a Trampoline: Stimulating the lymphatic system.
  1. Emotional and Mental Health Support
    The emotional and mental well-being of both the child and the family is crucial during cancer treatment. Dr. Beine highlights the importance of addressing these needs through:
    Family Therapy: Engaging in activities that promote emotional bonding and stress relief, such as dancing, hiking, and forest bathing.
    Spiritual Support: Seeking guidance from spiritual directors to process emotions and find peace.

Ivelisse Page also mentions resources like Healing Strong and Soul Shepherding, which offer support groups and spiritual direction to help families navigate this challenging journey.

Dr. Dagmara Beine’s integrative approach to childhood cancer provides hope and comprehensive care for families facing this difficult journey. By focusing on nutrition, detoxification, emotional support, and building a supportive medical team, parents can empower themselves to make informed decisions and support their child’s healing process.

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Dr. Dagmara Beine

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Dr. Dagmara Beine is not only an amazing practitioner, but she truly understands what a family goes through as her daughter Zuza was diagnosed with cancer AND given a very poor prognosis at 3 ½ years old.
Having worked in emergency medicine for 12 years, Dagmara understood the value of western medicine and how it could save her daughter’s life. However, as her daughter moved through her treatment and recovery, she was shocked at how western medicine failed to care for Zuza as a whole person. She knew as a mother and clinician that she needed to incorporate other tools to guide Zuza through treatment and help her thrive as a cancer survivor. She is going to share with us today the tools she found and uses today in her practice.
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