LAUNCH DAY! Believe Big Podcast – Episode #1

Dr. Dagmara Beine

Navigating Pediatric Cancer – Episode #1

Dr. Dagmara Beine is not only an amazing practitioner, but she truly understands what a family goes through as her daughter Zuza was diagnosed with cancer AND given a very poor prognosis at 3 ½ years old.
Having worked in emergency medicine for 12 years, Dagmara understood the value of western medicine and how it could save her daughter’s life. However, as her daughter moved through her treatment and recovery, she was shocked at how western medicine failed to care for Zuza as a whole person. She knew as a mother and clinician that she needed to incorporate other tools to guide Zuza through treatment and help her thrive as a cancer survivor. She is going to share with us today the tools she found and uses today in her practice.
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