Surviving a Terminal Brain Cancer Diagnosis – Alison Gannett

It’s been 10 years since Alison Gannett was diagnosed with “terminal” brain cancer and given approximately six months to live.

How has she managed to beat the odds?

Cancer is not a “generalized” disease to be treated like you’re on a conveyor belt.  It’s an “individualized” condition, and Alison credits cancer for waking her up to the root causes of disease that were plaguing her.  She describes her “check engine” light as being on, yet ignored as she tried to push herself and prove herself in life (something we are all guilty of doing whether we have cancer or not).

This incredible story of self-discovery and positivity may be just what you need to hear today.  Join us on today’s podcast as Alison and I talk about the importance of lab testing, knowing and acknowledging your family history, genetic makeup and so much more!

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