Coffee where? 😀Here’s the scoop on Coffee enemas…

For many of us, our morning “cup of joe” is non-negotiable.

Did you know that coffee also has a slightly more unconventional use? And instead of just giving you a morning boost, it’s also a powerful way to detox your body?

After our podcast with Dr Lori, our founder Ivelisse did a coffee enema.  She had never done one before because her practitioner wanted her to weigh the time involved and during her time with cancer wanted her to prioritize living life too.  He was able to support her liver and body with things like NAC (N-ACETYL CYSTEINE).

After doing one time, doing once a week will be easy to do. My biggest immediate benefit besides detoxifying and increasing my glutathione by like 500% was mental clarity.  I was super clear!

A few things to note, make sure you use mold free, chemical free organic coffee!  I used Wilsons and the benefit of theirs is that it came in like little tea bags so you don’t need to filter the grounds after you make the coffee.   I also used the Medisential Premium Enema Kit that was toxic free and easy to use.






Toxic elimination of up to 500%.

Increases peristalsis, improves digestion, and cleans the colon.

Promotes weight-loss.

Increases energy, improves mental clarity, and stabilizes mood.

Helps with depression, mood swings and sluggishness.

Helps kill parasites and candida.

Dispels gas and bloating Detoxifies and heals the liver


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