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Cancer is the most elusive, cunning, adaptable, intelligent, and innovative disease in history, and it has been outsmarting us for a long time.

If you are landing on this page, you are a physician who is truly a student of science and interested in discovering how the integrative side of medicine can benefit your patients. On this page you will be able to learn about:

  • How we help to support patients going through a cancer journey
  • The resources we offer patients
  • Scientific research on Mistletoe Therapy and it’s benefits for patients
  • Informational webinars and training courses available to you as a physician

Our goal at Believe Big is to be a bridge for patients and doctors by providing helpful resources so each, unique cancer patient can find their best pathway to healing.


Believe Big is a non-profit Christian organization founded by Ivelisse and Jimmy Page after her battle with stage IV colon cancer without the use of chemotherapy and remains cancer free today. Since 2011, Believe Big has helped thousands of patients move through the overwhelming process of cancer by bridging the gap between conventional and complementary medicine. Believe Big not only helps patients survive but thrive. Not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well.

To see cancer patients and their families discover their pathway to healing. 

To help families face, fight, and overcome cancer.








The Believe Big Institute of Health

A fully licensed residential cancer research hospital, The Believe Big Institute of Health will be a state of the art, green certified facility enabling the best of modern science and technology along with ancient therapies and wisdom procured from around the world.

Patients will come for a precise treatment itinerary based on personalized testing, comprehensive biomarkers and algorithmic intelligence. They will take home recommendations to continue progress locally and return as often as needed.

Join Our Practitioner Referral List

Integrative Practitioners listed on our website are physicians who have had additional training with mistletoe therapy and may have additional certifications in oncology.

We have a specific required vetting process to be completed by all practitioners listed on our website. The following steps must be completed:

  • Oncology Certification Course Completion

  • Anthroposophical Training
    Further information about PAAM (Physicians Association of Anthroposophic Medicine) can be found here:

  • Identify a Mentor OR PAAM Apprenticeship Program, and continuing education

  • 90-Day Patient Email Support (mistletoe ONLY)

  • Completion of required Believe Big Mistletoe Physician paperwork. Please email Jackie Guidera to request paperwork.

  • 15 – 20 minute phone call with Jackie Guidera and Autumn Burns.

For more information about each of these items, please contact Jackie Guidera