Free Webinar – CBD with Steve Ottersberg

The Role of Cannabis in Cancer!

In this educational webinar we will be talking to CBD expert Steve Ottersberg, MS (ABD) Bio-Organic Chemistry.

What will be covered in this webinar?

  • The benefits of CBD when fighting cancer
  • The common misconceptions
  • CBD vs. THC
  • Case studies
  • Human genetics and individual response to cannabis


About Steve Ottersberg

Six years of teaching biochemistry board reviews to Naturopathic medical students, brought together the passion for human health and biochemistry. Using computer generated pathway animations, students thrived with interactive workbooks.  Steve received an honorary ND from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine due to his efforts in teaching.

Four years in pharmaceutical sales with Merck & Co giving a unique view into the core of modern medicine.  Working with prominent medical school professors to teach disease education in Northern New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona, the focus was always selling from a scientific perspective that doctors loved.

Four years as a college level chemistry professor at Fort Lewis College, teaching Chemistry for Consumers, General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry.

Three years of laboratory management in a full service environmental brick and mortar lab and a team of scientists in a mobile laboratory.  Running thousands of GC-FID, GC-MS, IC, ICP-OES samples.

Clinical nutrition product formulation medical sales/product formulation with Thrive Nutritional Formulas.  Formulating products for support of cancer patients. Working with physicians to change the paradigm of oncology nutrition, including cannabinoid medicine.

Faculty member of Progressive Medical Education, Steve shares his passion for human genetic testing in medicine with an audience of physicians.  Having taught 30(+) case based webinars, Steve has expanded understanding of the biochemical connections between polymorphisms of key enzymes associated with multiple disease states.  Courses were largely cancer focused which led to multiple webinars on the endocannabinoid system.

Four Years as Nutrigenomic Coach/Consultant, providing one on one coaching to cancer patients and consulting for physicians.  Steve provided guidance on the use of genetic testing with blood and urine testing to optimize health.  Using genetic testing to focus lab testing and personalized treatment plans, Steve brought personalized medicine from biochemistry.

Founder of Green Lab Solutions Company LLC was Colorado’s 11th certified cannabis testing laboratory. Green Lab Solutions was validated and certified to test microbiology, 10 cannabinoids and 21 terpenoids.

Currently working as genetic consultant to Endo Canna Health.  Endo Canna Health is a genetic testing company that provides insights into cannabis response based upon genomic data.  We are currently working on a 900 Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) screen to provide physicians a comprehensive therapeutic and metabolic profile.