Cancer Support & Resources in Colorado

Believe Big is a non-profit organization based in Maryland that provides support and resources for cancer patients and their families nationwide including Colorado.

Our mission is to help cancer patients navigate their healing journey by providing them with the tools they need to fight cancer and improve their quality of life.

At Believe Big, we offer a range of services to help cancer patients in Colorado and their families through their journey.

These services include:

Patient Advocates: Our patient advocates work one-on-one with cancer patients to provide them with personalized support and guidance throughout their treatment.
Nutritional Support: We offer a variety of nutritional resources to help patients understand the importance of a healthy diet and how it can impact their treatment and recovery.
Integrative Therapies: We provide access to find integrative therapies such as acupuncture, massage, nutrition and mistletoe therapy to help patients manage side effects and improve their overall well-being.
Financial Assistance: We offer financial assistance to cancer patients who are struggling to cover the cost of their mistletoe therapy and nutrition therapy treatment.


Colorado Cancer Support & Resources

"We help people of all faiths."

Believe Big is a warm, inviting community that welcomes patients of all faith backgrounds and beliefs. We are respectful of each person’s beliefs, while at the same time, being true to who we are.

Partner with Us Today Colorado!

Join us in our mission to support cancer patients and their families in Colorado. Every day, Believe Big assists individuals through the challenges of cancer treatment, integrating both conventional and complementary medicine for holistic healing.

With cancer affecting one in two men and almost one in three women, the need for our services is greater than ever. Last year alone, we reached over 300,000 people, making a tangible difference in their lives.

Your financial partnership enables us to provide crucial services, including:

  • Free phone support with our patient advocates
  • Referrals to specialized practitioners in Mistletoe & Nutrition Therapy
  • Grants for Mistletoe and Nutrition Therapy to alleviate financial burdens
  • Monthly support groups led by professional therapists
  • Nutrition support and community engagement
  • Funding for ongoing phases of our mistletoe clinical trial with Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Partner with us today to make a difference in the lives of those battling cancer in Colorado. Your support helps us bridge the gap between conventional and complementary medicine, offering hope and healing in every aspect of life.