We offer wellness grants to help support patients as they learn about Mistletoe and connect patients with physicians trained in mistletoe therapy, and the resources necessary to help them advocate for their own health.

At Believe Big we offer cancer patients the option to connect with a patient advocate. They are here for you to guide you, give you resources, pray for you and help you find your pathway for healing.

Each of these natural medicine physicians has had additional training with mistletoe therapy and many have had additional certifications in oncology. They can effectively guide you on your cancer journey.

A fully licensed residential cancer research hospital, The Believe Big Institute of Health will be a state of the art, green certified facility enabling the best of modern science and technology along with ancient therapies and wisdom procured from around the world.

We bring spiritual and emotional refreshment to patients by distributing Believe Mugs that are hand-painted by children and adults within our community. Each beautifully decorated mug contains the “I Will Have No Fear” prayer.

Prayers for Encouragement and to Fight the Mental Battle

Believe Big is excited to be in the trenches with cancer research. We are supporting Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine to develop the first clinical trial in the United States using intravenous Mistletoe. This clinical trial brings together the conventional and complementary medical communities to fight cancer.

Nutrition Therapy is the “development, education, and oversight of a custom, results-driven, and sustainable diet and lifestyle program.” We believe Nutrition Therapy is important to all individuals, but vital to a patient trying to overcome cancer.

Enjoy a list of our favorite resources: Books, Top Apps, Website Resources, Body Care, Home Products, Helpful Tools, and Favorite Cold/Flu Immune Boosters.

Together with our partner HealingStrong, our mission is to connect, support, and educate individuals in community who are facing cancer and their caregivers by focusing on strategies that help to rebuild the body, renew the soul and refresh the spirit through God’s Word.

We understand that a cancer diagnosis can bring about a whirlwind of emotions, fears, and challenges that can be overwhelming to navigate alone. That’s why we are here to recommend two exceptional counseling options that are rooted in biblical truth and provide spiritual and emotional resources.

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